How Dani Can help

It can be a difficult time when your dog is unwell or in pain.

A veterinary diagnosis of injury or arthritis can come as a big shock. Dani has many years of experience rehabilitating dogs and working with worried and caring owners who just want to see their dog get better.

Using her specialised multi-modal approach, Dani can help with the following;

Pain management

Of chronic musculoskeletal conditions

Assessment of the lame patient

Where symptoms are sub-clinical and no pathology has been found.

Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation
Continued care of the geriatric patient

Including home management guides/exercise plans and arthritic pain reduction strategies – including end of life care plans

Weight management
Pre Hydrotherapy assessments

Plus fitness program management

Musculoskeletal assessment

Of the performance dog.

Support of the neurological patient

Treatment for the senior and arthritic dog

As dogs age, stiff joints and an aching back can really slow them down and stop you from enjoying your usual walks together.

Dani offers treatment plans, home management advice, and crucially emotional support for the loving owner who wants to help their beloved dog maintain an active, healthy, and pain free life for as long as possible.

Maintaining health and improving performance

Not all of Dani’s patients are poorly. Dani also works with many healthy dogs, helping to optimize health and improve athletic and showing performance, this includes:

  • Wellness checks for the healthy dog, including puppy check ups.
  • Support, treatment and fitness guides for the canine athlete.

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